Physical Education (K-8) & Health Education (6-8)

St. Clare students attend Physical Education classes several time a week, and middle school students also engage in Health Education units each trimester.

Physical education for grades K-2 builds a foundation of skills needed to participate in and enjoy physical activity, sports, and a love for being active. Students play lots of games that help to develop large motor skills, movement patterns and concepts, listening and following directions, cooperation, and sportsmanship. K-2 students also build skills in the following sport units: soccer, bocce ball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and golf.

Physical education in grades 3-5 is where sport skills are really developed and refined. Students spend lots of time learning and developing skills in a variety of sports, with the majority of time being spent on the lifetime sports of tennis, golf, bocce ball, bowling, pickleball and badminton. Third grade is also the time where students get their first experience participating in the sports of Omnikin, Pickleball, and Badminton. Students also enjoy participating in fun recreational games like dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, and spikeball.

Students use their skills into game situations and compete in a variety of sports. The majority of time is spent on lifetime sports and fitness. Students also enjoy traditional sports like basketball, volleyball, and hockey. Middle school students also have a Health class once every trimester, with each unit lasting approximately 2 weeks. These units include communication skills, anti-bullying, stress management, prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, and body systems.