Our “Keep Oregon Well” Mental Health Hero!

Congratulations to Mrs. Carolyn Ullman, our learning specialist and school counselor, for being selected as a recipient of the 2019 “Keep Oregon Well” Mental Health Heroes Awards!

Mental Health Awareness Month happens each year in May. To mark the occasion, Trillium Family Services hosts the “Keep Oregon Well” Mental Health Heroes Awards, an annual 31-day multi-media celebration of the people, nonprofits, community groups, and business leaders who have helped pave the way for mental and behavioral healthcare to thrive in Oregon and the Pacific NW. This year they decided to honor youth and the adults that empower them to advocate for mental health and fight stigma.

The selection process is truly community-driven, with open nominations taking place annually from December-February. Each year Trillium calls upon the broader community to tell them about who have been the heroes in their lives, in their organizations, and in our state. One Mental Health Hero will be honored each day in May – 31 in all. A new hero will be announced each day on the “Keep Oregon Well” website and across their social media partner network.

Mrs. Ullman’s special day will be May 2. Please check out the website (https://trilliumfamily.org/advocacy/) on May 2 and all the days of May to recognize all the heroes who “fight stigma.” Congratulations, Mrs. Ullman, for the wonderful work you do with and for our children! You are truly deserving of this award, and we are so proud!

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