School Advisory Council (SAC)

St. Clare’s School Advisory Council is a representative body of the school’s parent community. This group is called to work closely with the pastor and principal in a spirit of cooperation and interdependence. The SAC exists for the purpose of supporting quality Catholic education as it relates to these six distinct functions:

  • participate in and encourage strategic planning
  • develop and defend policy
  • offer financial advice
  • serve as a good public relations source
  • evaluate itself periodically
  • participate in the selection process of the principal, who is the advisory council’s executive officer.

The SAC shares in the responsibility of proclaiming, in word and deed, the message revealed by God of building a community of faith and giving service to God and one another. The SAC is directly accountable to the principal and is only empowered to act in an advisory capacity and as a body. Individual members may not act alone or seek to influence policy outside their stated mission. No member is authorized to speak on behalf of the local school, the Department of Catholic Schools, or the Archdiocese of Portland. The new member process occurs in the spring.