Second Grade


Second grade focuses on learning the spelling rules in order to apply them to their reading and writing. When writing, students incorporate the 6+1 Writing Traits into narrative, informative and opinion papers. Students peer edit written papers and present their work to the class.

Books across a variety of topics and genres are read and encouraged. Students receive small group instructions multiple times during the week through Daily 5, which includes reading and comprehension skills, writing practice, reading to others or being read to, and phonics instruction.

Spelling tests are given weekly. Words are used to teach a spelling rule that complements the reading program.

Second grade focuses on memorization of addition and subtraction facts from 1-20, telling time to 5 minutes, and regrouping with addition and subtraction. Many strategies are taught to assist students in adding and subtracting up to three-digit numbers.

Strong emphasis is placed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) lessons, giving students the opportunity to practice with what they learn and read about. Topics include:

  • processes that shape the earth
  • states of matter
  • ecosystems of plants and animals
  • engineering

In addition, basic coding is taught throughout the year.

Second grade students learn about our community, maps, how things change, and goods and services.

The writing skills learned in kindergarten and first grade are reinforced through continued training on writing letters clearly and correctly. Typing skills are also taught and practiced.

Faith Formation

Second grade is an important year in the building of one’s faith. Catholic students have an opportunity to receive their First Reconciliation and First Communion. (First Reconciliation and First Communion classes are done through the St. Clare Parish.) Faith education is centered around the Sacraments, the Liturgical Calendar, Prayer, and the Church Community.

Community Service

Serving others and letting God’s light shine through us is a major theme of the second grade year, through learning and practicing kindness, empathy, and gratitude. Second graders serve the community through supporting Easterseals in projects, writing letters to the parishioners of St. Clare who are homebound, and watershed restoration in the community.

Second Grade Highlights

To support topics learned in the classroom, second grade takes field trips to:

  • Tryon Creek
  • Pittock Mansion
  • Franz Bakery
  • Oregon Children’s Theater
  • Our Lady of the Lake school (to visit pen pals)