Tuition Gap

Dear St. Clare Parents,

As many of you already know, tuition payment do not cover the cost of educating each child at St. Clare, forcing the school to rely on your generosity to balance the annual budget. THANK YOU!

The true cost of a St. Clare education is $8,800 per student (based on 20-21 projections).  In an effort to keep tuition affordable for all students, we offer in-parish tuition at $6,800 per student, granting an automatic subsidy of $2,000 to most families. Out-of-parish tuition is set to fully recover the cost of educating a single child.

Beginning this year, we will be offering a Family Partnership Program. We ask all families to consider making a special contribution in an effort to support our ability to bridge the tuition gap. Although out-of-parish families already pay the full cost to educate their children, we are grateful for any consideration given toward bridging the tuition gap. Your gift may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor to confirm.

We are asking families to consider helping in these ways:

Assisi Partner ($2,000): A gift of $2,000 represents the shortfall between in-parish tuition charged and the true cost of educating your child.

Franciscan Partner ($4,000): Families who participate at this level pay the in-parish tuition shortfall for their own child and also for a student whose family may be unable to do so.

Gift Above Tuition: If you are unable to afford a donation at the Assisi Partner level, we welcome any financial contribution above tuition you wish to provide.  Every gift truly makes a difference.

In future years, these options will be available during the normal registration process on FACTS, but this year we encourage you to contact Gwen Vroman, our bookkeeper, to communicate your interest.  Please note that any gifts are OPTIONAL and any gifts will be 100% deducted from your family’s FFG requirement. Thank you again for everything you do to make St. Clare a special place now and for many years to come.


Mr. Chris Harris, Principal