Called to Protect


To volunteer or work in St. Clare’s church, school, or preschool communities throughout the year, you must have completed ALL of the following Archdiocesan requirements. Contact Gwen Vroman with questions or concerns.

  • Valid Archdiocesan Background Check, every 3 years
  • Called to Protect for Parents, Families and Ministries, one time requirement
  • Standards of Conduct Archdiocese, one time requirement
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment AND Duty to Report

Archdiocese of Portland — Volunteer Background Check Form

To volunteer in any capacity at St. Clare school, every volunteer must have completed the Archdiocesan background check process. Background check processing costs $15 per application. Please email Gwen Vroman to request the background check form as it is an online process.

Called to Protect Video Training

The Archdiocese of Portland requires all St. Clare clergy, employees, and volunteers to attend a video showing of its “Called to Protect for Parents and Families and Ministries” training courses. You will receive a certificate of participation, which you will need to submit a copy of, to the St. Clare School front office. Click here to see a list of all the training opportunities offered in the Portland area.

Armatus Online Updates

Each year the Archdiocese of Portland requires all clergy, employees and volunteers to complete a Called to Protect training update. This year there are two updates required: Preventing Sexual Harassment AND Duty to Report. Follow the instructions below to complete the course.

  1. Click here to acess the Armatus training site.
  2. Your log in is the first letter of your first name and your full last name. For example, John Smith would be jsmith.
  3. Your password is the four digits (month/day) of your birthday, followed by the letters “or” for Oregon. For example, if your birthday is June 12th, your password would be 0612or.
  4. Complete the Preventing Sexual Harassment module.
  5. Complete the Duty to Report module.
  6. Email Gwen Vroman that you have completed the courses so our records can be updated.