Literacy is an essential part of the kindergarten curriculum. Students learn to write through a variety of activities such as daily journals and responses to texts read and discussed in class. Additionally, writing is incorporated across all thematic units for science and social studies.

Reading development is a key component of kindergarten. We implement reading skills in all aspects of the curriculum through whole group lessons, reading groups, and integrated in all subject areas.

Students learn counting, sorting, patterns, addition, and subtraction in kindergarten. Kindergarteners not only learn foundational math skills, but also practice critical thinking and problem solving. In conjunction with whole group instruction, students enjoy learning in leveled math groups.

Kindergarten students study the seasons, magnets, space, animals, and plants! The other core subjects are incorporated into our thematic units so we read, write, and work on integrated math skills all while learning about the topic.

For social studies, we learn about rules and citizenship, community, history, and geography. Like science, these thematic units are integrated with reading, writing, and math.

Kindergarten students learn the importance of printing letters and numbers in order to communicate with others.

Faith Formation

Each week at school mass, kindergarten students are responsible for bringing up the gifts, an opportunity to actively participate and contribute to weekly school masses.

Community Service

Kindergarten participates in an ongoing service project called “Chores for Change” throughout the school year. Students perform “chores” at home to earn an “allowance.” As a service to others, the money earned is donated to those in need through Saint Vincent de Paul. This money helps to purchase needed items for the food cupboard, to pay utilities, and subsidize rent for those in need. YOU ARE NEVER TOO LITTLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Kindergarten Highlights

Kindergarten students at St. Clare are paired with fifth grade buddies. These buddies play a special role in the kindergarten program. We play with our buddies at recess, attend field trips together (pumpkin patch and the Oregon Zoo), and celebrate holiday parties together. Long-lasting friendships develop during their years here at St. Clare!