Third Grade


Third grade language arts encompasses a variety of components ranging from parts of speech to correct usage to sentence structure. The “6+1 Traits of Writing” is used to ensure students learn to write clear and coherent writing that is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

The third grade focuses on short stories in a variety of genres. Students concentrate on plot components, themes, and point of view. Vocabulary in context is an integral part of the reading program. Third grade also reads short stories in small groups and uses critical thinking skills to respond to the story. The students read at least two novels through the year and work in literature circle to analyze and respond to their reading.

Weekly word lists focus on a particular spelling convention.  Students have activities throughout the week to help them master their spelling words. Students take a practice test on Wednesday and a final test on Friday. Third grade also learns to use their spelling words in context by constructing sentences.

Mastering multiplication facts, as well as understanding division is key in third grade. Third grade also focuses on recognizing the properties of 2-dimensional shapes and finding area. The students also develop an understanding of fractions.

Third grade science focus is in the following areas:

  • Motion and Stability
  • Forces and Interactions
  • Ecosystems
  • Life Cycles and Traits
  • Weather and Climate
  • STEM Activities (Engineering)

Third grade spends time on local geography and history. Units on Ancient Egypt, The Seven Wonders of Oregon, and various other areas of social sciences are taught in conjunction to the content standards. The “Bridges of Portland” unit is a high point of the year.

Third grade students learn cursive writing.

Faith Formation

Blest Are We: Faith in Action

Morality/Life in Christ
**The Human Person–Understanding and knowing God loves us. The Ten Commandments
**The Human Community–Understanding the needs and feelings of others. Recognize that sin is hurting our relationship with God.

The Church is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

Community Service

Service in third grade is a day-to-day part of our lives as Christians. We focus a lot on serving others. During the year we put together Care Kits for the Blanchet House. The Blanchet House is a nonprofit social services organization located in Old Town Portland.

Third Grade Highlights

Throughout the school years, third grade students participate in OMSI labs (both at OMSI and on-site), attend a play, and go on a Walking Bridge Tour of Portland as part of their unit on bridges.