Middle School Literature / Language Arts

In middle school, students can expect to read every day. They read a variety of genres and styles, including novels, short stories, news articles, poetry, and nonfiction essays. Several times throughout the year, students are able to choose their own reading.

Every week, students also tackle the Article of the Week, a two-page current news article. They learn to demonstrate a deeper meaning of the text through annotation and written response.

Throughout the year, students learn about and practice the craft of writing. They begin by looking at mentor texts from great writers (past and present) to determine what techniques they use. Students gain experience writing narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive pieces.

As a daily practice, students begin each morning with ten minutes of Sacred Writing Time, which allows them to experiment with different styles and voices. Typically, they respond to a written prompt, a photo, or a piece of art; however, individually creativity is highly encouraged.

Students study grammar and mechanics, with an emphasis on MLA formatting for research papers. All curricula for middle school Language Arts & Literature classes follow the standards set forth by the Archdiocese of Portland, as well as the Common Core State Standards for Oregon.