The St. Clare art program aims to provide students with a lifelong love of the arts and recognition of their innate creativity. We start every class with the affirmation: “I am positive, I am creative, I am mindful, I am an artist”. Students are taught that we have three tools in our “toolboxes”: our physical tools and materials, the art lessons we are taught, and the most important tool of all, our creative voices. In the St. Clare art room, creative voice is emphasized and championed in every lesson, even when students are all working on a similar outcome.

The art program gives students a chance to explore the many different forms that creativity can take and the vast range of careers that are based in art and design. We study tools and techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, collage, architecture, graphic design, animation, illustration and much more. Over the course of their studies students learn about all of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, art history, and contemporary artists. Our St. Clare artists are never underestimated–in their abilities, flexibility, tenacity and of course, their creativity.

All St. Clare students select work to be displayed in the annual spring Art Fair. Families are invited to join in the celebration of the incredible artwork our students create.