st-clare-school-academics-artThe St. Clare Art Program consists of three major study areas: Appreciating the Visual Arts, Elements of Art, and Principles of Design. These study areas are taught in relationship to the Language of Art, Art Criticism, Aesthetic Judgment, Art History, and Art Production.

As educators of art at St. Clare School, we:

  • affirm and respect individual creativity as an expression and gift from God
  • uplift art and visual literacy as an important part of the school’s education and learning process
  • acknowledge the importance of understanding the contributions of previous civilizations with their diverse cultures
  • cultivate an awareness of the richness of cultural diversity
  • minimize competition
  • teach that process is as important as product
  • teach that art skill is a discipline and is acquired by practice

We believe that art education:

  • is for everyone, regardless of social or economic situation
  • enhances understanding of Christianity and spirituality
  • is a unifying activity and is used throughout the St. Clare curriculum
  • encourages creativity
  • promotes self-esteem
  • aides in the development of critical thinking skills
  • stimulates students to grace the world with their own composition and expression as forms of communication