Fifth Grade


Fifth grade language arts focuses on the fundamentals of grammar through lessons and activities that teach the principles rules and mechanics of the English language. We use Chromebooks and a website called No Red Ink to practice grammar skills. We also work to improve writing with the 6+1 Writing Traits.

Fifth grade reading covers the following:

  • short stories from various genres
  • non-fiction pieces
  • novels read together as a class
  • literature circles

Through the Spelling and Vocabulary workbook, students complete one unit per week, with a spelling test each Friday. Miss Macneur (the fourth grade teacher) teaches spelling to fifth grade students.

Fifth grade math topics include:

  • Fluency with decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Measurement and conversion

Fifth grade science standards are centered around four main areas:

  • structure and function
  • interaction and change
  • scientific inquiry
  • engineering design

Students have the opportunity to do a variety of hands-on activities and labs.

The fifth grade social studies curriculum focuses on early American history, from the first Native Americans up to the thirteen colonies.

Students continue their practice of cursive handwriting, applying skills to daily work.

Fifth graders use technology across the curriculum in a variety of ways:

  • No Red Ink – grammar and writing skills
  • IXL Math – math enrichment practice
  • Freckle Math – math enrichment practice
  • Spelling City – weekly spelling practice
  • Google Docs – research, typing

Faith Formation

In Religion, fifth graders study the Sacraments and their place in our lives. Fifth grade students are trained to be altar servers. They also act as Partners in Peace on the playground daily.

Community Service

Fifth grade serves our local school community with the responsibility to hang the flags every day, a task we take very seriously.

Fifth Grade Highlights

A highlight of the fifth grade year is being paired as “Big Buddies” with kindergartners. We attend mass together each week, read with our buddies monthly, visit the pumpkin patch and OMSI, and celebrate holiday parties together.