Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A St. Clare School student is…


A Faith-Filled Person who

  • Participates at Mass and in the parish community
  • Knows about God, scripture, and the Catholic tradition
  • Respects God’s creation, self, and differences among people
  • Acts as Jesus taught us
  • Acts as a peacemaker

An Effective Communicator who

  • Expresses ideas clearly in a variety of ways
  • Speaks and listens in a respectful manner
  • Uses non-verbal communication appropriately

A Responsible Citizen who

  • Demonstrates honesty, helpfulness, kindness, and forgiveness
  • Takes responsibility for one’s own actions
  • Cares about what’s happening in the community, nation, and world
  • Fulfills duties as an active member of one’s community
  • Serves others

A Life-Long Learner who

  • Develops his or her body, mind, and heart
  • Is open to new ideas and all subject areas
  • Works well alone and in groups
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Uses positive problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills