Welcome Alumni!

If you are a St. Clare graduate, we would love to hear from you! Just send the following information to [email protected] and we will update our records:

  • Name (including maiden name, if applicable)
  • Current address and telephone number
  • Email address (very important as most communications will come via this format)
  • Year you graduated
  • Any other updates you wish to share!

We love to show off our wonderful school, especially to our honored Alumni. Call us at 503-244-7600 to schedule a visit.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great ways for you to keep up with the latest happenings of your alma mater! We call ourselves the small school with the BIG heart…and when you read about all the great things that still happen here right on SW Freeman Street…you’ll know why!

Distinguished Graduate Award

distinguished-graduateOur Distinguished Graduate Award honors alumni that have had a significant positive impact on the St. Clare School and Parish, and greater community. It recognizes an individual’s accomplishments in: 1) outstanding service to the community and/or parish; 2) career achievement; and 3) living and teaching gospel values.