2019-2020 Tuition Rates

  In Parish Out of Parish
One Child
$6,600 $8,400
Two Children
$12,700 $16,300
Three Children
$18,800 $24,200

In-parish families receive a tuition discount for each child beyond their first (see chart above). If a family chooses to pay tuition in-full by September 10, the family receives a 1.5% discount. If an “in-parish” family chooses to pay the full cost of education (the out-of-parish rate), their annual Family Fundraising Goal will be waived.

Criteria for In-Parish Tuition

Please read this letter for a complete explanation of the criteria that must be met to qualify for the in-parish tuition rate and a list of opportunities for service to the church. By August 1st, all families who wish to be considered for the in-parish tuition rate must submit the in-parish tuition petition to the parish office.

Request For More Information

Should you desire more information on tuition than what has been provided here, please click the button below and the school office will contact you.