Parent Teacher Council (PTC)

Mission Statement

To strengthen the school community by providing support to faculty and parent leadership through community building events and fundraising projects. Fundraisers are chosen for their potential and for their community-building effect.

PTC operates fundraisers, plans social activities, and is an organized group for teacher support. PTC is accountable to the principal who must approve all officers, the adoption of all resolutions, and any amendments. In fulfilling its purpose, PTC will have the following objectives:

  • To work in conjunction with the St. Clare School Advisory Council (SAC) to broaden understanding and foster appreciation of Catholic education
  • To assist in the operation of the school as needed through volunteer activities
  • To raise the appropriate funds for the support and benefit of the school
  • To develop within a Christian community positive relations among parents, students, school faculty and the parish, including teacher appreciation and parent education
  • To enable the entire school and parish community to achieve its stated mission and goals within the school’s philosophy.

PTC is charged with raising significant funds to offset the school’s operating costs while keeping tuition affordable. Some of their popular fundraisers are the Bubble Run (jog-a-thon), Christmas Wreath sale, the Dragon Dash/Turkey Trot, Bingo Night, and the Auction.

PTC requires each family to give 30 Parent Involvement Program (PIP) volunteer hours to support the school (15 hours for single-parent families). Pip hours are billed in May of the academic year, $20 per unfulfilled volunteer hour up to $600 per family ($300 for single parent households). Each family is responsible for tracking their own PIP hours and reporting them to PTC through the FACTS online system. To learn more about PIP, please see the school handbook.

St. Clare School relies on a lively and engaged group of volunteers. All St. Clare School parents are welcome to PTC meetings. PTC meets 4 to 5 times a year, as needed. Come get involved!

PTC Forms

Volunteer Reimbursement Form