Learning Support Program (LSP)

The Learning Support Program (LSP) serves the entire St. Clare School community and is designed to help each student feel and be successful at school. Programs administered through this department include:

  • RTI* program
  • Social-emotional support
  • Consultation
  • School-wide Universal Screening
  • Differentiated instruction for all learners
  • Special supports for students who struggle and/or excel
  • Learning intervention groups
  • Needs-based “push in” services in some classrooms
  • Ongoing teacher education and support
  • Parent education library

We also have learning support assistance to expand our capacity to reach all learners. We make every effort to help our students through classroom accommodations and learning interventions and coordination of services such as outside tutoring, counseling, and other specialized therapies.

Students with testing on file documenting a specific disability qualify for an Individual Learning Plan (ILP), and are eligible for a program of classroom accommodations determined by the learning specialist in consultation with teachers, parents, and the principal (the learning team).

*We have a Response to Intervention (RTI) program at St. Clare. Using our universal assessment system (meaning: everyone takes it!), we can identify students who are not meeting benchmarks.

Tier One is the intervention level within the classroom delivered by the teacher (ex: reading groups, math groups, preferential seating, one-on-one help, organizational systems, etc.).

Tier Two interventions are small, evidence-based intervention groups outside of the classroom to target specific skills and needs of the students delivered by the learning specialist or the learning support assistant (ex: Orton-Gillingham groups, challenge groups, math groups, fluency groups, friendship groups, ELL services, etc.). Students not meeting benchmark in grades K-3 are usually recommended for the small skills groups.

Tier Three is one-on-one tutoring outside of the classroom. If a student has a documented learning disability and needs this intensive one-on-one intervention, we are, in most cases, able to offer that support. Students with diagnosed learning differences usually need all three tiers of support.