Mrs. Monahan’s last class of 5th grade students makes their college decisions

(Excerpted from a letter to the class of 2013 and their families)

“It is the spring of your senior year and the season brings with it college decisions and steps for your next educational adventure. I want to commend you on your high school journey thus far, and as the May 1 deadline nears, congratulate you on the decision that you and your families have made for the fall of 2017. These colleges and universities are about to know what I know, and fondly remember,…that you are a group of funny, bright, warm and welcoming people. Individuals who create community wherever you are…and wherever you go.

You made a difference here at St. Clare. I know that your high school journey has been full of successes due to your hard work. I am confident you have persevered…and will continue to grow.

My best to you as you commit to your next adventure and embrace the future with hope.

Congratulations on a job well done! If you would like to share your school spirit, let us know where you are headed by liking us and sending us a comment on Facebook!

Debbi Monahan
Your favorite 5th Grade teacher 🙂
Principal St. Clare School

P.S. Remember this vase from back in the day? It is in my office and still brings me much joy. Thank you!”

Remember what you wrote on your tile? Click here to see your original artwork…

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