Christina Reilly, Class of 1990 – St. Clare School Distinguished Graduate for 2018


As one parent described her, “Christina [Reilly] has been a pillar of the school, and you would be challenged to find anyone in our community who hasn’t been blessed by her friendship and kindness. She has contributed to the lives of so many, whether it be through her tireless work, her many volunteer roles, or her generous spirit. Even if you don’t know Christina personally, her “behind the scenes” support of our Small School with the Big Heart has likely touched your life in some way. You may have seen her around….working in BASC, helping with Vacation Bible School, or at the preschool (where her children – Thomas, Joseph, and Lucas – all went, and daughter Clare still attends). Maybe you saw her name on the list of Pastoral Council members, or perhaps you met her when she taught First Reconciliation classes to your second grader. Maybe you returned her ready smile and said “thanks!” when you picked your little ones up from Children’s Liturgy of the Word after Mass, or maybe you will when she teaches our upcoming First Communion sessions. Christina’s roots and her life of stewardship run deep. Her father, Tom Rothschild (married to Filomena), has been a parishioner since 1965, and even her grandmother, Delores Rothschild, was a very active parishioner here.

christina-reilly-playgroundChristina started kindergarten at St. Clare in 1984 and attended through 5th grade, heading to Jackson Middle School for several years when St. Clare did not offer middle school. She graduated from Jesuit High School, and went on to Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 1997 while a freshman at Meredith, some of her good friends introduced her to Jeff Reilly (who would later become her husband). Jeff was attending nearby North Carolina State College. Christina has some fond memories of heading to Myrtle Beach with their group of friends, and just “hanging out” in the dorms. Well, the formula worked, and Jeff and Christina got married at St. Clare Church on May 24, 2003, with Fr. Pat Evard, who had also baptized Christina, officiating.

christina-reilly-marriedThey will celebrate 15 years of marriage in May. Jeff and Christina make their home very close to St. Clare, which makes getting to church and school a bit easier with their four children: Thomas in 5th grade, Joseph in 3rd grade, Lucas in 2nd grade, and Clare, who will enter kindergarten next Fall.

Christina feels St. Clare is her second home. “It’s a place where I solidified my relationship with God, a place where I made deep friendships that have stood the test of time, a place where the community steps up to support one another, and a place where the Holy Spirit is clearly present.”

Gratitude is the word that comes to mind when you hear her talk about her parents, who clearly shaped how she lives her life and raises her own family: “I am thankful my parents sacrificed to send us here….and I’m so glad my children are able to be part of this amazing community!”

reilly-familyWe are so grateful for you, Christina! You have made a big difference in our community. Thank you for being a model example of a St. Clare School Distinguished Graduate. Congratulations!

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