COVID-19 Learning Plans for 2021-2022

St. Clare School remains driven and committed to providing the same high quality academic offering during the pandemic within a personalized, small school community environment it is known for within Southwest Portland.


Full Distance Learning

Given the state COVID-19 metrics guiding school reopenings in the summer of 2020, St. Clare started last school year under our former Comprehensive Catholic Distance Learning Plan. Learning from online instructional best practices and successes, and from parent and staff feedback from our spring distance learning offered, St. Clare committed to the following in our approach:

  • Daily online class interaction for all students
  • A hybrid of on-screen and off-screen core academic learning assignments
  • Live and recorded video instruction to assist in family scheduling flexibility
  • Online specials instruction each week including PE, art, music and library
  • 1:1 and small group online access to teachers, learning specialists and teacher’s aides
  • Online social and spiritual enrichment activities including virtual prayer experiences, student family groups and more

St. Clare Onsite Reopening Plans Offered Families Safety and Flexibility

As the counties we serve met Oregon’s COVID-19 school reopening metrics, St. Clare started started to offer our former Limited-In Person Instruction Plan beginning for K-2 grades in October 2020, 3rd grade in November, 4th grade in December, and 5th-8th grade in the beginning of 2021.

In preparation for our former Limited In-Person Instruction and our current full reopening, St. Clare has invested and planned to ensure students return to school as safely as possible. Some of the investments we’ve made include:

  • New Swivl video collaboration technology and increased internet bandwidth
  • Upgraded cleaning protocols, that may include touchless bathroom faucets
  • New digital curriculum
  • New devices to ensure every student has access to a device for distance learning
  • HVAC improvements
  • PPE purchases

In addition to these investments, our staff and parent community worked together to complete our comprehensive Return to School Plan detailing the safety protocols we’ve taken in our daily onsite learning.

Built-in flexibility to meet our families risk level or need as community COVID-19 levels dictated

While we resumed onsite learning, St. Clare understood every family’s risk profile differed. To that end, our  Return to School Plan offered families the option to continue to learn from home even as the school is open for onsite learning. Our investments in video collaboration technology and internet bandwidth ensured that we could continue to support remote learners right alongside our onsite learners. 

Certainty in a time of uncertainty

As a community, we all wrestle with the uncertainty that COVID-19 has inserted into our daily lives. Through our Comprehensive Catholic Distance Learning Plan, Limited In-Person Instruction Plan, and Return to School Plan, St. Clare aimed to reduce the stress and anxiety you may have felt during last school year. We’re confident the combination of our distance learning and onsite learning approaches last school year continued to provide St. Clare students with the high-quality academic, social and spiritual education they have come to count on in our community. 

Plan for 2021-2022

As of August 2021, St. Clare will fully open with all students in-person, five days a week for regular school hours for the 2021-2022 school year; comprehensive distance learning will not be offered as an option at this time. Our Return-to-School Plan has been updated for this year, with COVID protocols and requirements in place at the direction and guidance of the Archdiocese of Portland, the Oregon Department of Education, and our local health authority. If the situation changes and distance learning (or hybrid model) is implemented again, we’ll be ready to accommodate this change and will updated our families, with any updates posted here.

Return-to-School Learning Plan 21-22

Comprehensive Catholic Distance Learning Plan 20-21

Limited In-Person Instruction Plan 20-21

Summary of Plans One-Sheet 20-21

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